My First LeetCode Contest Experience (Weekly 330)

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So, it was Sunday Morning and as per the Weekly Contest Schedule, the contest will start at 8:00 AM.

I am a night Owl type person who used to stay awake late at night and I usually used to sleep at 3 AM at night, I tried to give the contest many times before but never attempted cause I didn't wake.

but this time it is more valuable cause it is worth 3 attendance in my college if I give the contest (just for attempting) I will receive 3 attendance for free, and for a college student attendance is everything.

So I decided to give the contest anyhow, I set the alarm for 7:50 AM and hit the bed at 2 AM, 1 hour before my usual.

And in the morning the alarm rang, I woke up and I saw I have 10 min more then I go to sleep again (the worst part), during sleeping I suddenly remember about the contest and checked the time its 8:15 AM, I am shocked, I am already 15 minutes late.

I quickly open my laptop and cover my whole body with the blanket cause it was a winter morning, and waking up early in the winter season is the hardest part :(

I opened my Whatsapp, and lots of messages are there about the solution discussion in my class group, I open LeetCode and start attempting the question, and I saw the first question which was "Count Distinct Numbers on Board" not so hard question, I attempted it and solve within 10 minutes.

Meanwhile, a guy from Singapore already solved all 4 questions, anyways I moved to the next question which was "Count Collisions of Monkeys on a Polygon" this was a tricky question and I am stuck here, I spend 10 min here then I moved to the next question which was harder than it, In LeetCode, Contest questions are arranged in increasing manner of their difficulties.

I again spent 10 min on it but failed, at the end I managed to solve only one question in my first LeetCode Contest, and I received 200 LeetCoins for attempting the Contest :).

Then I again fall back to sleep after giving the contest at 9:15 AM, and there is a meeting on Google Meet with our Professor about the Contest at 9:30 AM, I didn't attempt that, I can't open my eyes for more, I just fell asleep again.

Then I woke up at 12 Noon, and after waking up I have to submit my LeetCode profile link to a Google Sheet for the attendance, and while I was submitting my attendance my father saw, firstly I woke up late and then after waking up late, he started using his laptop :(

Then after "Jo daat pdi kya batau me", after some time I told about the contest to my father, and his first question is "Kitne questions solve kr diye?" this means how many questions did you solve? "One", I said.

Then again he scolded me :(

but anyways this was my first Contest experience after now I will attempt every week's contest and improve myself :)

I love to share my experience, cause I get to know about learning in public is the best thing you can do right now. If you like this blog please like it.

I would like to thank Kunal Kushwaha for providing us the knowledge about the power of Open Source.

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