Make GitHub Profile Eye-Catching

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GitHub is a very popular Software among programmers who save their codes and documentation and contribute to other people's projects by creating a Pull request.

Why GitHub profile important?

As lots of people use GitHub for their work, it opens lots of doors for us in the world of open-source contribution and it is important to make your GitHub as optimized as can and showcase your talent and experiences.

How to make it extraordinary?

My github profile

As you can see in my GitHub account everything is clear and in detail as well, this makes a good impression on the viewer, and might be they can message me for a life-changing opportunity, if you want to make an optimized profile like mine, you can simply fork my file and edit as you want. Here is the link to my GitHub.

How to Fork and Edit?

Step 1:

Simply click on this link, and it will redirect you to my profile.

Step 2:

My profile

Click on the fork button on the upper right section of the screen

Step 3:

Then click on the green button named as create a fork

Step 4:

You have done now yay, now you forked my profile and now you can edit changes as you want.

Thank you for reading