GDSC Lead Interview Experience

GDSC Lead Interview Experience

Jun 2, 2023·

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First of all, we need to understand, What is GDSC?

What is GDSC?

GDSC stands for Google Developer Student Club. It is a program created by Google to foster a community of student developers around the world. GDSCs are university-based groups that provide students with the opportunity to learn, share, and collaborate on various technology and development projects.

GDSCs organize workshops, study jams, hackathons, and other events to help students enhance their technical skills and explore emerging technologies. The clubs are run by student leads who act as facilitators and mentors, guiding members through their learning journeys. GDSCs also serve as a platform for students to connect with industry professionals, access resources, and gain practical experience in software development and entrepreneurship.

Overall, GDSC aims to empower students with the knowledge and skills required to thrive in the technology industry while building a global network of student developers passionate about creating innovative solutions.

My Experience -

So, First of all, they send you a mail, asking for a select date and slot for the interview which is basically about 45 mins long -

After selecting the time and slot, you will receive a mail for the confirmation

Make sure to have a good internet connection and noise-free surroundings during the call.

Then my interview started at the correct time i.e 10:45 Am

First, they tell you to check your internet connection, mic, and camera. Now the real interview starts -

The first question was the traditional one - Tell me about yourself. I was prepared for this question so I answered comfortably.

and she asked me a bunch of questions, like -

  • Why do you want to become a GDSC Lead?

  • How will you manage your time between events and academics?

  • Do you make any projects? Tell me about them

  • What is OOPS? What is Time and Space Complexity?

  • If you have an exam on the day of the event, how will you manage that?

  • How do you invite speakers for the event?

  • What are the basic things to host an event?

and lots more....

Unfortunately, my internet connection disconnected the call, and I joined again within 10 mins, I thought I will be get rejected by the interviewee was so kind, and she said no worries not a big issue.

So if you are afraid of the interview, you can ping me on my social media handles( ), and I will surely help you to become a lead.

Thank you for reading :)

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